Where to find the Best Greek Food in Boston

Maybe it’s the 40% Greek in me or the sheer fact that Mediterranean food is both healthy and delicious, but I absolutely love Greek cuisine. Earlier this Fall, I was fortunate enough to visit Greece for the first time (I will be writing about this trip soon), and every meal I had was genuinely remarkable. The meats were rich in flavor, and the vegetables were insanely fresh. I could not stop eating tzatziki or their stick-sweet baklava. When I returned home, my cravings continued. Thankfully, Boston offers a wealth of Greek-inspired restaurants that can satisfy any Greek food craving. Here are four fantastic Greek restaurants in Boston that will make even John Stamos say, “have mercy!”

Kava Neo-Taverna

Kava Neo-Taverna serves excellent Greek food on one of the most scenic streets of the South End. The restaurant itself is small but has a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Kava offers a collection of classic Greek dishes that will make you feel like you’ve been transported to the Greek Islands. The food is authentic and well-prepared. Start with the kolokithakia (zucchini chips with tzatziki) or the oktapodi (grilled octopus, olive oil, lemon, and oregano). The uvetsi (braised beef short rib over orzo) is savory and rich. However, Kava prides itself on its grilled seafood. The Mediterranean seabass is presented traditionally as a whole fish served with a hot lemon and olive oil mixture on the side. Finally, the bar is stocked with carefully selected Greek wines and liquors as well as a collection of craft beers. Pro tip: Kava only accepts day-of reservations. If you want a table, make sure to wake up early to book your reservation the morning of dinner.


Located in the heart of Back Bay is my absolute favorite Greek restaurant in all of Boston: Krasi. Named after the Greek word for wine, Krasi is a sophisticated Greek restaurant that offers a tapas-style menu and an extensive Greek wine list. On Wednesday nights, they hold “Symposium Wednesdays,” hosted by their Wine Director and Sommelier, Evan Turner. Turner is incredibly knowledgeable of indigenous grapes and offers guests exclusive tastings of different Greek wines. But, of course, wine is meant to be sipped alongside food. Krasi’s menu contains flavorful meze plates, dips, and charcuterie platters. The seasonal menu changes several times a year, but some staples remain. Some of my favorite dishes include the tiropita rolls (fluffy rolls stuffed with halloumi and paired with honey butter), the giouvetsi (a flavorful lamb osso buco paired with ripe tomatoes and orzo), and the aginara (a pan-fried artichoke surrounded by fried mint leaves, crispy garlic, and yogurt sauce). If you’re dining with a group or feeling extra hungry, you can order the Feast of the Gods, which is one of every item on the menu.


Hear me out: GreCo might be the best fast-casual restaurant in Boston. GreCo is owned by the same team as Krasi (which explains why I love their food so much). Their commitment to authentic, fresh ingredients sourced directly from Greece is unparalleled. Any time I get a manicure on Newbury Street, I pop into GreCo afterwards for a delicious and filling dinner to-go. Consider ordering a classic gyro and choose from a variety of proteins and fillings. I am a big fan of the lamb gyro which comes in a fluffy pita stuffed with hand-cut potato fries. The fried zucchini chips are crisped to perfection and served with a side of fresh tzatziki. And while I am not the biggest dessert fan, their loukoumades (Greek donuts) are an absolute must try. The yaya’s are my favorite and are topped with crushed Oreo cookies, hazelnut praline, and powdered sugar. This is a great food-to-go option that won’t break the bank.


If you’re looking for classic Greek food in a lively, upscale setting, Trade in Boston is the place to visit. Their chef, Jody Adams, is a James Beard Award Winning chef, so you know you’re getting a quality meal. This place is great if you’re dining with a group. My friends and I ordered the Greek Feast, which serves up to four people and includes grilled lamb chops, chicken souvlaki, hanger steak, potatoes, village salad, and several delicious dips. The village salad is super fresh, and the feta is scrumptious. Ordering the Greek Feast is a great way to try various items on their menu. Trade also has a large bar. If you want to order a craft cocktail or Greek spirit, there are several fantastic options. Try one of their signature cocktails, such as the Mediterranean Mule (tsipouro, pineapple, rosemary, mahlab, vanilla, and ginger beer) or the Mykonos (tequila reposado, mandarin, lemon, sugar, and Thai chilies). The ambiance in Trade is very inviting and is ideal for those looking for lounge-like vibes.

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