On My Bookshelf: Eat Like a Local Boston

Typically I reserve “on my bookshelf” for books I have read recently that I would recommend to others. Today, I am excited to share that the book I am recommending is my own book, Eat Like a Local: Boston.

Several years ago, I started this blog to document my international and domestic travels. Writing became a passion of mine, and so I decided to take on freelance writing projects in my spare time (mostly about travel and food). Earlier this summer, I was approached by a publisher to write for a series of books about food tips from locals. This project allowed me to do what I enjoy most – provide an inside scoop into the best places to eat in Boston.

An excerpt from the book that explains why I wrote this: “Boston’s food scene has significantly progressed over the years, offering various cuisines that can satisfy every palette. While this coastal city is home to top-notch seafood restaurants, it also has a plethora of international dishes from every corner of the globe. Foodies no longer refer to Boston as “bean town” because the food scene here has become more refined and broadened immensely.”

The goal of this book was to highlight as many different cuisines and neighborhoods in the Boston area as possible. There are SO many great restaurants and bars and it was hard to pick only 50 to discuss but I feel really excited about the ones I did highlight. If you are interested in buying a copy, please click the link above.

As always, your support means the world to me. I am proud to have been given the opportunity to share my culinary recommendations with others and I hope this book inspires my fellow foodies to try something new!

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