20 Holiday Gifts for Travelers

With the year we’ve had, it’s hard to believe that the holidays are right around the corner, but they’re closer than you think! I think it goes without saying that this year has been challenging for travelers. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil the adventure seekers in your life with some travel-inspired gifts. Once travel resumes, they will thank you for thinking ahead!

If you’re looking for some holiday gift ideas, consider one (or two) of the following gifts!

Travel Essentials

Packing Cubes | Packing cubes are a great way to stay organized when you travel. Eagle Creek makes a variety of organizers that come in all different colors and designs. Pro tip: if you’re traveling with multiple family members, buy different colored packing cubes to distinguish whose clothes are whose.

REI Sleeping Bag | Backpackers and campers will appreciate this one. Sleeping bags can be expensive, but they are essential for many outdoor activities. REI makes some one of the lightest water-resistant sleeping bags out there. Their Marmot Angel Fire 25 bag weighs less than two pounds and has a temperature rating below freezing. Why not splurge and give the gift of a good night’s sleep?

Gatta Camera Bag | I received a Gatta Camera Bag for my birthday two years ago, and it might be one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. What I love most about this camera bag is that it doesn’t look like camera bags at all. It is incredibly chic! Moreover, Gatta bags are crafted with functionality in mind. Their thoughtful, minimalist design can help any traveler stay organized while on the go.

Fanny Pack | Whether or not you’ve accepted it, fanny packs have made a come back. These small body bags are incredibly convenient and useful during travel. Herschel makes a variety of basic packs that can fit around your waist or over your shoulder. For a more stylish option, consider a leather fanny pack from Tote & Carry.

Away Luggage | From suitcases to backpacks to toiletries bags, Away has everything a traveler would need when it comes to luggage (see my post about Away for my candid review). Their products come in various sizes and colors, and you can even add a monogram to personalize your pack. Traveling with a pet? Away recently released a Pet Carrier bag if you plan to travel with a furry friend. 

Unique Gifts

World Map Pinboard | What better way to reminisce about your past adventures and showcase your love of travel than with a world map pinboard. They come with multi-colored pins so you can track places you’ve been and places still on your bucket list. I bought a pinboard map from Conquest Maps, and it has been a great conversation starter when visitors come to my house.

Carry-On Cocktail Kit | Help ease travel anxiety with a personal carry-on cocktail kit. Uncommon Goods makes an Old Fashioned cocktail kit that comes with all the supplies needed for mixing the perfect in-flight cocktail. Just order a mini bottle of rye and you’re good to go!

Picnic Basket | From vineyard lunches to evenings on the beach, picnics can make for a memorable vacation experience. This is a simple gift that is often overlooked. I purchased this picnic basket from Amazon and it is ideal for two people. It comes with all of the essentials for a perfect picnic – including a blanket to sit on!

City Color Palette Print | This unique gift will brighten up any room. It features a color palette for your favorite city’s landmarks, attractions, sports, food and, more. Etsy sells a number of palette prints for various cities. I bought a Boston print for a friend that moved to Los Angeles and he said it was one of the best going away gifts he received.

National Parks Puzzle | From Acadia to Yosemite and all the parks in between, our country is home to over 400 awe-inspiring National Parks. Celebrate our country’s natural wonders and enjoy these destinations from home with this 1,000 piece puzzle. The final product is a montage of vintage National Park logos and is bound to satisfy wanderlust.

Hand Embroidered State Pillow | Another personalized gift that will strike up conversation is a hand embroidered state pillow. Celebrate where you live, where you came from or your favorite travel destination. This festive decorative pillow is sure to become a keepsake and delightful addition to any home.

Staple Electronics

Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera | Digital cameras are great and all, but there is something special about old-school photographs. This instant camera offers shooting modes for different environments and a smart flash that calculates exposure and brightness levels. Take this gift one step further and consider an Instax Mini Photo Album to store all of your memories in one place. 

Travel Power Adapter | Nothing is worse than forgetting to bring an adapter abroad only to realize you have no way of charging your electronics. Bonazza makes a fantastic international adapter that accepts both 2 and 3 pronged plugs for over 150 countries. It also includes 4 USB inputs for charging mobile devices, kindles, or iPads. This is an excellent gift for anyone who frequently travels internationally.

GoPro | GoPros are excellent for travelers who want to capture every detail of their vacation. They are compact and waterproof and will allow you to take photos in rain, snow, and even underwater! We took ours to Hawaii and it was the perfect camera for snorkeling. This is a great gift for travelers who want to document their outdoor adventures.  

Kindle | The Amazon Kindle has been a game-changer for me. I used to travel with one or two books in my luggage, and as small as a book might seem, they can take up a lot of space. The kindle is slim, sleek, and has very long battery life. I always download a few books at a time so I have options while I travel. Consider this for travelers who are book worms in their spare time.

Worthwhile Additions

Filtered Water Bottle | Stay healthy and save the environment with this gift. Filtered water bottles allow travelers to minimize plastic waste and enjoy a refreshing, clean drink of water. Brita makes a filtered water bottle that is also leak proof. This is also a great gift for cost conscious travelers who will no longer have to buy water bottles at the airport.

Eye Mask | Weighted eye masks are an underestimated gift for travelers. Much like weighted blankets, these eye masks help apply gentle pressure over your eyelids to deliver a calming sensation and help you fall asleep. This compression mask and eye pillow is cost-effective and can help make your next red-eye flight a bit more tolerable.

Allbirds Wool Lounger | Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, chances are you’ve heard of Allbirds. These shoes are extremely comfortable and are made with New Zealand merino wool, making them temperature regulating and moisture-wicking. Their Wool Lounger is a cozy, slipper-like shoe that is ideal for any long-haul flight.

Travel Planner | Whether you’re traveling for work or for pleasure, a planner always comes in handy. Moleskine makes great daily planners that come with time zones, international measurement conversions, and dialing codes in the book’s back. For a more ornate design, consider a planner from Papier. They have the most gorgeous assortment of daily planners, bullet journals, and notebooks.

Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask | Do you ever notice how your skin gets super dry on planes? The lack of humidity on airplanes can cause dehydration, leading to dry, cracked skin and lips. This leave-on lip mask is a great product to have after a long flight since it helps lock in moisture to rehydrate your lips overnight. Find a variety of flavors at Sephora!

What is the best travel gift you’ve received?

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